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#madAME gasTON#CAN you iMAgine#maDAME#GASTON#his LITLTE WIFE#no SIR#not ME#I GUARANTEE#IT#there MUST be MORE than this provincial liiiiiiiiiiiiife#durudurudurdurduruduadanfafj#I WANT ADVENTURE IN THE GREAT WIDE SOMEWHEEEEEERE#I WANT IT MOOOORE THAN I CAN TEEEEELL#and for once it might be#grand#to have someone#understand#I want soooo much mooooooore thatn they’ve got plaaaaaaned


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drake in the anaconda video and van gogh’s ‘at eternity’s gate’


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A man just walked past me and said “excuse me, but you look very nice tonight darlin” I said thank you and he said you’re welcome and walked off. And that is how you compliment a woman without harassing them

No, that is still unsolicited, and thus, harassment. No amount of “darlins” is gonna make me not want to punch your ass for coming on to me without provocation.






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Before hating Miranda Lawson have you considered:

  • She’s perfect
  • She’s better than you
  • She can crush a mech with her biotics
  • and shoot it’s head off from 100 yards
  • take your pick

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"These advertisements address different types of issues, but they’re all about giving a voice to the voiceless. Most of us love animals, and yet we remain ignorant of or apathetic towards the abuse of domestic or circus animals or the extinction, poaching and over-harvesting of wild populations."

Powerful Animal Ads

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shut up

you just ruined this post by adding that.

A couple of years ago I did a research report on the treatment of animals in the circus. There were things like chains and whips, but also stuff like burning the front paws of a bear so that it was forced to stand on its hind legs. Please spread the word.

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Fyi i totally look like Sarah walker today with my leather jacket on and the newly dyed hair yeha son ey

  sarah walker     tagging yhis for.a self esteem boost  

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english is not their first language:  Hello! I'm sorry if my English isn't very good.
english is their first language:  hte fuckign

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DO IT FOR THE VINE. Please save my grape vines I am a farmer and this my only income.

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Behind the scene: Zoe Saldana for ocean drive magazine

  zoe saldana     o h my  

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i’ll take my chance with aliens before i mess w/ whatever is at the bottom of the ocean

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